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Humes Agency offers a variety of insurance options for Alabama residents who are seeking quality insurance coverage. Below are some of the available options that we offer.

This policy is equipped with liability and comprehensive coverage that protects your home from damage, and you, as the homeowner, should be covered for damages to guests.

The liability coverage is a minimum requirement for the state of Alabama, but our auto insurance policies can include both collision and comprehensive coverage to give you that full protection.

Small businesses in Alabama are required to carry worker's compensation coverage for their employees and also commercial auto insurance for any vehicles associated. There are also several supplemental options available to give your business the coverage it needs.

No matter your age, all Alabama residents should be equipped with life insurance to cover any final costs they may have in death.

A supplemental insurance policy, flood insurance is designed to cover any structural or property damage to your home in the event of a flood and rising waters entering your home. Purchase this insurance for your home, car, or business, whether you live in a flood zone or want that extra protection.

This policy is also a supplemental policy that provides additional liability coverage, should your home, business, or auto insurance be sued for liability and maxed out in coverage. This policy steps in and covers the additional amount, preventing you from having to pay out-of-pocket or sell off assets.

Having boat or watercraft insurance protects you and your family should someone be injured while out on the water, and a collision occurs with another watercraft or some single boat collision.

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