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Boating is a beloved hobby in Alabama, with good reason. There are many lakes and over 50 miles of coastline. Whether you choose to go fishing on the lake or enjoy ocean voyages, you’ll find it more enjoyable with the peace of mind offered by the right insurance policy.

Do You Need Boat Insurance?

Alabama does not require you to have boat insurance. However, if you have a loan or lien on your boat, the lender will likely require you to carry insurance. This happens so they don’t end up with a loss in the event the property is damaged. Many marinas require you to have liability insurance to berth your vessel at their marina and may require you to list them on your policy as well. If none of these apply to you, boat insurance is still a significant investment. It allows you to protect your assets in the event of an accident.

Types of Boat Insurance

Boat insurance is similar to car insurance in the basic types offered. Liability insurance will cover any damages caused by your boat or watercraft during an accident. Liability coverage usually includes “bodily injury liability,” which will cover the cost of any injuries sustained in an accident you are found liable for.

Uninsured motorist will cover the damages to your boat if the accident is someone else’s fault, and they don’t have insurance or are underinsured. Since boat insurance isn’t a legal requirement, this should be an essential part of your policy. If you are involved in an accident, the odds are high that the other person won’t have insurance.

Comprehensive coverage will pay to repair or replace your boat in the event of an accident. If you have a loan for your boat, you may be required to have this type of insurance. Your boat or watercraft is an investment, and it’s a good idea to protect it with a comprehensive policy.

Humes Insurance Group’s Boat Insurance Policies

If you need insurance for your boat or personal watercraft in Alabama, or would like to know what your coverage options are, contact us today. Our agents at Humes Agency are happy to assist you by answering questions and creating a policy based on your needs.

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